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How to Make the Most of Bondi Beach

You merely can not say you have explored Australia until you have kicked off your shoes and walked barefoot across the glistening sands and into the warm and inviting shallows of dazzling Bondi.
Bondi Beach is the best-known stretch of shoreline in Sydney City. Set just 7km from the centre of town, it offers the ideal escape from the busy crowds, where you can kick back and relax on golden sands and soak up the laidback environment.

Activities at the Bondi Beach
Swim Till Your Heart’s Content
The water surrounding Bondi Beach supplies the ideal location to cool down in the Australian sun. Swimming is safe between the two flags, and there are facilities like changing spaces and showers onsite.

Take a Walk
The scenery at Bondi Beach is fantastic, and the coastal walk which takes you to Tamarama, Bronte, and Coogee offers some amazing views throughout the coast and out to sea. There are numerous places to stop off for a refreshment along the way.

Hit the Waves
Surfing is extremely popular at Bondi Beach– so much so that the whole southern end is devoted to surfers. There are a handful of surf schools you can attend, or you can merely lease a board and hit the waves by yourself.

Scuba Dive
If you wish to get below the water’s surface and explore another side to Bondi Beach, go diving just off the coast. There are a collection of companies that will take you out into the ocean and explore the underwater world with you.

Hop in a Boat
If you wish to explore Bondi Beach quickly in all its glory, hop aboard a boat and whizz along the shoreline. You’ll avoid the traffic and you’ll get to experience the beach from a different point of view. Boat expeditions leave from the pier everyday.

Take pleasure in the Crafts and Culture
Campbell Parade runs along the seafront and supplies buyers with an idyllic stretch of shops to splash the money. On Sundays you can find the Bondi Beach Markets offering a blaze of brightly coloured crafts including local jewellery and clothes. Yet there is more than just shopping for those who wish to indulge in the thrills of the flourishing neighborhood surrounding Bondi Beach. The Bondi Pavilion offers you the possibility to look locally influenced art and theatre and to peruse the Marine Discovery Centre to learn about the creatures that live below the rolling surf.

Fireworks and Fun
Bondi Beach is also home to one of the oldest lifesaving schools in the nation and in the warm months the sands are teeming with lifeguards and volunteers watching ever fixed on the bright blue waters. With calmer shallow areas on the beach this could be the ideal time to try your hand at surfing or to merely splash in the shallows and cool down from the sun. Every New Year’s thousands gather together upon the shores to see the fireworks dance all over the sky and to commemorate a brand-new start.

Treks and Tides
Hikers will delight in the beautiful chances to explore the shoreline. Bondi Beach is the commencing point for plenty of coastal tracks that head to the neighboring beaches of Tamarama, Bronte and Coogee. Taking the long and winding Coogee path will take you through the diverse Sculpture by the Sea exhibition which makes its debut look every spring.

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